When I was fresh out of chiropractic school, I began dating a golf coach.  Our first conversation even included him asking if he could trade me some golf lessons for some chiropractic care… We hit it off and decided to officially become a team.  During our wedding vows, I promised to support his love of golf, and he promised to support my love of chiropractic!  Fast forward to now, and we’ve been together for 12 years and married for 9.

Over the years, I have given him, and a multitude of other competitive & hobby golfers, many adjustments. I have not only learned a lot about the game of golf and local courses, but also golfers’ bodies.   It is a unique sport, with specific movement patterns and stress to the low back, spine, pelvis, and rib cage.  (I have not met a golfer who doesn’t need multiple ribs adjusted, from all of the swinging, although she/he might not know it!)

Many golfers initially come in because pain in their back or hips is interferring with their swings and ability to play golf.  There is usually vertebrae in their spines that are out of place, putting pressure on the nerves that control their muscles. This interefere can decrease range of motion in the spine and the body- as well as causing stiffness or pain.  Often, golfers hips are also out of alignment- as well as ribs being subluxated, or out of place.  These misalignments negatively affect their enjoyment and ability to play the sport.  Usually after one to several adjustments (depending on the person and his/her individual health history), golfers report marked improvement in how their bodies are physically feeling and in their range of motion, strength, and swing