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Hi , I'm Dr. Heidi Dudley Wroebel

As a working mother of two active young children, I understand what it's like to manage the stresses of juggling family & work responsibilities, while creating space for self-care. 

I know that when I make my self-care a priority, I feel more joy, gratitude, and service orientated.  Not only do I feel better in my body, but I still have enough juice remaining at the end of the day to share the best parts of myself with my family too.

My passion is to provide the loving support and nurturing care to other busy moms and people that they need, so that they in turn can be the best version of who they are for themselves and for their families and communities.

I love people and experiencing genuine connections and helping to create more beauty and magic in the world.
I am constantly in awe of my two beautiful, not so little anymore humans, who call me mom- and yes, it is the hardest job ever.
I feel blessed to do it. I feel blessed to be where I am right now. If any of this speaks to you, I'd love to meet you and to have a conversation about who you are, and how I can help you to live this precious life, at your best capacity.
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What My Wonderful Clients Say!

  • I met Dr. Heidi in 2009. She prescribed a treatment program that was helping me achieve more mobility and less stress. Unfortunately, I moved away from the Bay in 2011. I tried two different chiropractors in hopes of finding the relief I had gotten from Dr. Heidi. Needless to say, no chiropractor is quite like Dr. Heidi! Fast forward to 2018 and I am back with a renewed urgency and commitment to live my best life. I was so impressed with Dr. Heidi's work, that I now travel from St. Louis, Missouri four to eight times a month so Dr. Heidi can help me reach optimum health. After three treatments, I went from thinking about every step I took to ease the pain, to just moving without pain and hesitation. Yes, I still have times of discomfort and stress, but as I take this wonderful journey to better health, I know I'm in the best possible care with Dr. Heidi.

  • I came to know of Dr. Heidi through my church choir director. I was expressing how uncomfortable I was due to what I thought was un-diagnosed sciatica, and began missing practices. She recommended her chiropractor, Dr. Heidi Wroebel and I decided to give her a try, along with seeing my General Practitioner Family Dr. I was able to see her almost immediately with a coupon from a current client for the initial exam, which was extremely helpful as I was in so much pain I could barely walk normally. When we discussed possible causes, environmental contributions to my situation and general health factors, it became very clear just how much pain i was experiencing. With Dr Heidi's careful and thorough questioning and examination process, taking the whole body, mind, spirit and emotional life into a common and synergistic approach, we set up a treatment plan that incorporated more than just her physical adjustments. Her carefully constructed interview of my life circumstances and injury profile led me to realize that I was actually experiencing more pain than I had paid attention to, that I had ignored my way into a degenerative condition that is treatable by paying the proper gentle and deliberate attention to the causes of my physical "dis-ease". While my family Dr. set up physical therapy and medications for my condition {of a likely impacted disc in my lower back}, along with chiropractic work, I found the gentle approach that she recommended for me in her adjustment style and in taking on proper rest, stretching, movement with ease and diet support to encourage healing to be a wonderful and welcome change to what i had been doing. Before, I was trying to force my healing, rather than help my healing. I was also dis-regarding my body's notions and making physical demands of my self that were not conductive to healing and placing a lot of stress on my general health. Di spite my continual request in the direction of a " harder" adjustment, Her wisdom to continue to listen to my body and approach my condition more sensitively, I decided to minimize the strenuous exercises and took up swimming in the morning and a hot tub before work each morning, as i enjoy both, and it really helped to loosen up tight muscles before asking my body to work for the day. This overall approach, inspired me to take on more exercise gradually, while listening to my body, change my eating style and habits to be more consistent with providing the nutrients needed to co-operate with healing and resting appropriately to allow my body to do the work it needs to do without my direction. I am able to lift my legs behind me, rest on my belly without howling in pain and move with flow. The unexpected gain is the overflow of realignment in my whole life. As Dr. Heidi has focused intentionally to my body operating synergisticly as a whole, this has impacted the other regions of my well-being in life as well. Confidence, hopefulness and a sense of excitement for my future have been a sense I have not had for a while, and I am surprised that I have been able to increase my productivity by not being distracted by pain and focusing on taking gentle, but specific and consistent actions towards health and well-BEING. THANK YOU,. DR. HEIDI, YOU ARE A BEACON OF LIGHT AND HEALING!! Heidi made me feel so much better with my first adjustment, it was amazing! I saw her the following week for a second adjustment and after that I was 100%. I continued to see Heidi throughout my pregnancy. The day following an adjustment late in my pregnancy, I went into labor. I swear she helped start the process of birthing my baby! Following the birth of my son, we took him to see her, and my husband joined! Heidi provides adjustments for the whole family - enabling all of us to feel 100%! My husband has constant tightness and discomfort in her back and working with Heidi has really loosened him up, it is the only thing that has helped him. I can't recommend Heidi enough. She is a wonderful, caring, passionate chiropractor whom can help you to feel better! I look forward to seeing her smiling face, and feeling her warm, positive energy!"



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